Kandi Family Artist of March- KING ZOE PLUR

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Every month we choose a kandi artist to spotlight and hook them up with kandi. We love seeing the different types of people that have spent time making cool kandi pieces and are staying PLUR <3

My name is King Zoe PLUR I have been crafting Kandi for 11 years . I live by PLUR brought myself out of a lot of rough times using the power of art and music to bring me hope happiness. 
My favorite type of Kandi to make is Singles , Doubles Necklaces ! I absolutely LOVE to use toys and trinkets to spice up my Kandi creations.
  I fell in love with raving at 17 started planning hosting kandi house parties at 19 which quickly lead to throwing my first rave that same year . My goal was to bring back Kandi in my city which has started to happen again ! I now host kandi raves under the name PLUR Kingdom . My motto has been
" Anyone can be amazing if they just be themselves! Get on the Dancefloor Make some memories " - King Zoe PLUR
My Mascott is my PLUR Sloth stuffie , Boi ! 
I have a YouTube channel full of  Rave Vlogs, Videos with local DJs Producers,  BTS of the Raves I throw,   Kandi videos which I call Kandi Korner ( named after the Kandi Korner at my raves! ) 
Theres even a Playlist on my channel of some live sets from events I've thrown! 
I'll never forget how I started making kandi. It all started out of a shoe box of mixed up pony beads in my bedroom . I'd put on my favorite mix and just imagine being at a rave being so excited for my future just knowing raves would change my life . Now I have an entire room in my house dedicated to crafting kandi displaying all the beautiful trades I've collected over the years. I throw my own raves promote the music that I love , the music that saved me from the darkest times in my life . I owe a lot to raves Kandi . Hosting Kandi parties raves that are a safe space for all communities is my passion purpose in life.
It's the least I can do for the art and music that kept me here. 
Kandi, Festivlas Raves have brought me opportunities of a life time , friends better than I ever expected to have,  memories you cannot experience anywhere else countless nights of dancing till' sunrise or till' the lights come on!